About Jeff & Cindy Eddy

Jeffrey Eddy is an EqAT certified and practices natural horse hoof trimming and rehabilitation. Jeff has a holistic approach to hoof and horse care. While hoof health is the foundation of the horse’s overall well being, each element of horse care (nutrition, turnout, hoof care) is interconnected and must be in balance for proper horse health. Jeff is dedicated optimum horse heath, starting with the feet.

Jeff has had intensive training with Lisa Huhn who pioneered the Equinextion method of bare foot trimming. Jeff’s training comprehends:

  • Safe horse handling

  • Simple Anatomy and physiology of the horse

  • Looking at muscling and assessing 'soundness'

  • Mapping out the individual foot

  • Dissection and hands on live trimming of a variety of horses at different stages of transition

  • Classroom theory and videos on treating pathologies in rehabilitation programs

  • Present day ongoing case studies

  • Dealing with laminitis, founder, navicular and Pedal Ostitis

In addition to certification and experience, Jeff has the passion necessary to care for the horses that he encounters on daily basis. His philosophy is simple, horse health and soundness are his first priorities.



Certified Re-Habiltion

Mack the Horse.png

Jeff was driven to learn this method of trimming to save his horse’s life. Mack, a sweet and gentle giant Percheron, had one last chance at survival – the natural hoof rehabilitation and trim. The following link outlines Mack’s journey and Jeff’s dedication to each and every horse that he encounters.