Jeff is dedicated to overall horse wellbeing and will coordinate with other practitioners such as: Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture/acupressure, Nutritionists and Veterinarians.

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The Natural Hoof Trim.

This trim is based on the physiology of the foot and is focused on supporting healthy foot development from birth through maturity.
Fees for the natural hoof trim:


  • $30 per trim for most horses (more for drafts and for horses with behavioral issues that make them dangerous to trim)

  • $40 charge for the first, or "set-up" trim.

  • Given increasing fuel costs, if the roundtrip will be more than 60 miles, a small trip charge will be added on.

Hoof Rehabilitation:

Onsite and off-premise care. The costs for Rehabilitation services are treated on a case-by-case basis.
In addition to certification and experience, Jeff has the passion necessary to care for the horses that he encounters on daily basis. His philosophy is simple, horse health and soundness are his first priorities.
Onsite: Jeff will work with your horse on an as needed basis – weekly, monthly to help your horse overcome common problems such as laminitis, founder, navicular and Pedal Ostitis. Jeff will advise on proper hoof care, nutrition for optimal hoof health, and exercise.
Fees for Rehabilitation: Treatment trims for horses with laminitis, founder, navicular, or other serious pathologies, are $50 for initial assessment and set up trim (more for drafts or for horses with behavioral issues that make them dangerous to trim). Each additional trim will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, as these horses will often need to be trimmed more frequently than every 4 weeks for a while.
Offsite: Jeff will treat and rehabilitate your horse at barefoot hoof & rehabilitation, LLC. Your horse will receive high quality daily care that includes the standard:
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Grain 2x day

  • hay minimum 2x day

  • Access to fresh water

  • Access to daily turnout (if permitted under treatment plan)

In addition your horse will receive:

  • Daily hoof health assessment

  • Nutrition for proper hoof health

  • Hoof treatment as needed (trim, soaking, boots, etc.)

  • Exercise (hand walking if necessary and permitted under treatment plan)

  • Stall rest (if required)

You will receive guidance to proper hoof maintenance to keep the horse sound when he/she leaves the facility.

Fees for offsite rehabilitation services:

  • Monthly board: $450

  • Hand-walking: $10 per walk

  • Nursing care: Administering meds and supplements: $10 (meds, supplements, disposable supplies are additional)

  • Daily hoof assessment: $10

  • Hoof treatment (trimming, soaking, etc.): $15


Jeff offers clinics 2x per year and provides education on topics such as hoof trimming, rehabilitation, and nutrition as well as hands-on demonstration and a video with before and after images.


Jeff Carries a Full Line of Easy Care Boots With Mobile Access
To learn more about Easy Care boots, please visit EasyCare on the web.


To learn more about Equine Fusion boots, please visit Equine Fusion on the web.